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Fanfiction Masterpost

This is a work in progress.  I have a lot of stories.  (Just be glad that i am not doing my ones from ff.net too!))


Power Rangers

One Shots

Approbation--Ziggy came across a video file that doesn’t make him feel quite alone anymore. Takes Place After Go For The Green

Don’t Ask…Really Don’t--First thing Theo learned while living at JKP, don’t ask what RJ and Casey are doing in the stock room…ever. Slash and all of that jazz.

The Thing We Notice--Luan and Theo notice little things about each other.

One of Those Days--Camille was having a bad day. So, was Theo. Sometimes, it is good just to share…without killing each other.

Sharing Is Caring--Gem, Gemma, and Ziggy go Christmas Shopping. Do I need to say more?
Pairing: Gemma/Ziggy but leans to all powerful crack pairing of Gem/Ziggy/Gemma.

Christmas Time In Corinth--Ziggy loves Christmas time. He just so happen to share the love with Gem and Gemma.
Pairing: Gem/Ziggy/Gemma

The Point System--Dominic and Theo have a conversation about the universe, ice cream, elves…and the most important question…what came first…chicken or the egg?

Always Wishing--Xander can’t help it but he always worries about them. But his faith in them will pull him through.

The Music Which Our Souls Are Govern By--Dr. K wants him to turn off that music, well…Ziggy just wants to dance or hum…or sing. Pre-Dr. K/Ziggy pairing

Can I Pet it?--Luan wants to pet his bro’s animal spirit. Theo isn’t too keen on the idea.

Can I Name it?--Luan decides it is a good time to give his bro’s animal spirit a name. Too bad that Theo didn’t think that is a good idea either. Sequel to Can I Pet it?

Discovering Halves--Luan looked at the letter in disgust but some reason or another, he always came back to it. Prequel to Rebuilding The Bridges We Burn

Is it Asking Too Much?--Leo wants to know what his brother and Damon have been up too. Of course, DECA might give him a little more information than he wanted. Sequel to Conversation By Sunset.

Cookies and Hot Chocolate--Dillon discovers why chocolate is bad for Ziggy. Very bad. Minor hint of Ziggy/Dillon

Pros and Cons--Cyber Cam has come to this conclusion. Cam needs to get laid. He even made a list. Slight hint of CamxDustin, ShanexHunter, and BlakexTori

What I Don’t Want to Be…--Ziggy wanted a lot of things out of life…being a power ranger wasn’t one of them. Takes Place After Go For The Green

Unconventional Wisdom--Madison doesn’t understand how they can be together. Sadly, she knows that it isn’t going to last.

Unconventional Love--Sequel to Unconventional Wisdom. Chip knew Xander and Vida’s idea was crazy. At least, he gets to cook the food.

Learning Tic-Tac-Toe--Dr. K is holding a special meeting about zords. Ziggy and Dillon would probably care more if they had zords. Right now…they are just bored out of their minds.

The Road Home--As long as Vida could remember, she wanted to leave Brairwood. No matter where we go, who we see, what we do…nothing beats home. Slight hint of VidaxChip pairing.

Seconds To Dawn: Pairing: Xander/Chip/Vida

Goodbye--Chip wished they would stop fighting. Just for a moment. Just so he could say good-bye

No Weapons Worth Hiding--Vida contemplates the last month without her boys.

One Night--Xander would like to say he is happier without them. But that would be lying.

Melting The Ice--Vida and Xander finally have that talk they have been meaning to have

Disappearing Illusions--Madison wasn’t dumb…the illusions are gone.

Where You Have Been and Where You are Going--Chip has finally come home…it has been a long time a coming.

Three Monkeys Jumping on The Bed--Three months and year...that is how long it took them to go home.

For Rivulet's Zack leads a Team Universe

Fact is Sometimes Stranger Than Fiction--Luan explains how he became a power ranger while Theo wonders why did he get up this morning.

Multi-Chapter Fics

Rebuilding the Bridges We Burn:Sometimes, it takes small steps to rebuild the bridges that you burn. For Theo and Luan, it is a long time coming. Slightly AU

Chapter 1

Nametags--The gang thought the nametags were a good idea. Too bad that Luan and Theo thought they were amusing.

Oh, The Stories I Could Tell--Nearly burning down the house? Afraid of water and your twin decides it will be a good time to learn how to swim? Madness? Probably…but that is how Luan and Theo grew up.

--The Stages of Worry--Luan trust his brother enough…but doesn’t make him stop worrying.

Meeting of The Masters--RJ’s reaction to Luan was down right priceless…the Masters’ reactions are down right hilarious.

Moments of Clarity--Theo should know better than try to avoid Lily.

-- It’s time for Luan to head home. The gang is going to make his leaving…memorable.

Crossing Bridges:Sequel to Rebuilding The Bridges That We Burn. Luan is back. Isn’t he in for a few surprises? Post-series

Phone Tag

--Luan meet Flit. Flit meet Luan.

When in Doubt and Joke On You--Honestly, Theo likes the idea of throwing Jarrod and Luan into a room and let them go at it.

The Music Of Our Souls--Luan’s band has finally arrived. The word…erratic comes to mind

Where Our Bridges Met--Theo and Luan have one of those heart to heart conversations.

The Last Great Prank--Theo and Luan have one last hurray before Luan leaves again. Don’t worry…he will come back.

Those Moments In Between--Those moments in between are fleeing but Luan and Theo…they last a lifetime. Takes Place During Twin Danger, Blue Ranger

The Miles I Had To Go
/I Didn’t Know


Where The Wind and Grass Dance--AU Casey couldn’t stop watching. The way he moved…the way he seemed to glide across the air. Pre-slash…Theo/Casey

Part 1

I Held You Many Time Before--The only thing you're going to see out there is Michael killing your brother. Then I'm not gonna let him die alone. The fight goes down like it was supposed to. Michael kills Lucifer. Somehow, Sam manages to cling onto a little bit of life. His wounds are fatal; Dean helps him let go.

Cupid Isn't Stupid--Cupid isn’t stupid. He wants the brothers back together as much as us.

Smile and The World Smiles With You--Dean couldn’t remember the last time Sam really smiled. He is about to correct that. Post Season 5

Leaving A Mark--Sam left a mark when he died….it is only fitting Dean does the same. Tag to Swan Song

Building Rome--Rome wasn't built in a day...neither was Castiel and Sam's friendship

Avoiding A Chick Flick Moment? Ask Jerry Springer--Post Skin. Sam and Dean need to talk about what happened but naturally they avoid it….kind of. Prompt from Oh, Sam LJ Community

Cake Baking--Dean and Sam are baking a cake. Do I need to say more?

Other is Silver, Other is Gold--Harry stood among the rows of cages of birds, rats, and snakes. Lost…confused…and most of all, guilty. Takes Place Sometime after Deadly Hallows

Lost and Found Again--Rensu felt the energy drain from his body. He couldn't move. He couldn't speak. The only thing he could do was wait. Tag to Lesson 38 (Gekiranger)

How Hard Could It Be?--Merlin wondered how long it would take for Arthur to pull the Excalibur from the stone. Apparently, a long time.

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