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Art for Singer & Winchester’s Home for Wayward Hunters 2: Blood and Kin

 photo home2_zps12279f89.jpg

I decided to do something a little different with the cover. Something to match with the whole MoL vibe and it was an excuse to use brushes. Nope...Mousey isn't sorry.

 photo home2henry_zps87941f0d.jpg

And the scrapbook idea carried over.

 photo homebunker_zps27bac9a7.jpg

 photo homecharliejess_zpsd829cd35.jpg

Actually did this piece at the last minute because I totally forgot them! >.< Opps?

The sequel is awesome. Go and read it! Give it a lot of love. ^__^
Tags: art, spn_gen_bigbang 2014

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