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Art for Alexis Jane's Gazes into You

Soo...when I said that I was done with BB this year. I lied. Okay, I got ask to pitch hit. XD So in less than a week, I had to put together a couple of art pieces. YAY! ^__^ So, I got to work with Alexis for this short go around. She had some awesome ideas and she was awesome to work with. So, that really helped me get started.

 photo possiblecoverart_zpsuhxf6hxr.jpg

This is one was done before I read the fic. I normally ask the author if they have images in their head that they wanted to see. Sometimes, I can do it and sometimes, I can't. She talked about Jensen had a view of Manhattan and the little art bunny came up with this. Alexis, I also try to add the angel wings but they refuse. :( I tried it with different tones (sepia, black and white, etc). I rather like it like with the gritter tone.

 photo undergazebb_zpsq5xlxuir.jpg

I have some experience with doing this type of blend before. The window gave me a little trouble. SO, I made a second layer and blurry it out. I think that it turned out lovely.  photo undergazebb3_zpsdbnepgct.jpg

So...Jensen's career as a police officer didn't end pretty. I wanted to show that in this piece.

 photo undergazebb2_zpsw9wtyo4r.jpg

This is my author's favorite piece and mine. I took the idea when she kept talking about puzzle pieces and crated. It is was also a cover art possibility. I changed my mind after trying to add text. XD Although, it didn't come up in the piece. I was originally going to put Moby Dick book but the thing didn't want to blend at all. So...I just add the words in the corner.

 photo undergazebb4_zps2k6a0zzf.jpg

Sooo...>.> Jensen's porn. XD That is all.

This time I am really done with bb this year. IT was fun! I must come back and do it again next year. Do give my author some love before you go.
Tags: art, big bang 2015
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