m14mouse (m14mouse) wrote,

Art for Sammy Smitten's Mandrake and Moonstone

 photo mamtitle_zps6rv2k7zd.jpg

I really didn't want to spoil the story in anyway.  So, I decide that to incoperate the title into the title art.  I rather like how turned out.

 photo mambb1_zps5pymjfly.jpg

I went blues because I wanted to show Cas's mind set during the whole fic.  It wasn't a very happy place but neither was Sam...so...

 photo mambb_zps4ynasuj8.jpg

Which brings me to my last piece.  While Cas's art was more a depressed nature, Sam's was more shattered even with his guide dragon with him.  But guys...:(

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy the pieces.  ^__^  And Have a Happy Holidays!  
Tags: art, big bang 2015
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