m14mouse (m14mouse) wrote,

Art for Brokenhighways's The Side Effect of You

Another Reverse BB wrapped up.  As always so much fun!

 photo rrbbpiece_zps3mlarev3.jpg

I am a huge fan of Persona 4.  I wanted to pass that love into artwork form.

 photo sideeffectbb3_zpsdrhd6qgf.jpg

Someone is spying on someone...:)

 photo sideeffectbb_zpsyqpbehv6.jpg

I felt the letter was the turn point in the story.  So, I put into artwork form.

 photo sideeffectbb2_zpsthhfa5i0.jpg

I wanted to include the moment that Jensen saw Jared again.

 photo sideeffectbb4_zpsgiowpiak.jpg

There were so many images that I wanted to include.  So, I made a collage of sorts.

Go and poke my writer and give her cookies.  She will love them.
Tags: art, reversebigbang
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