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Art for Moonyj4m's And Yet It Moves

This is my last art post for this bb season. It has definitely been fun. I had the pleasure of working with this moonyj4m. She was easy and fun to work with. So, go and give her fic a lot of love.

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Art for Liyah Ayerst's What Was Lost

My first art post for this big bang. Did you miss me?

This second year that I worked liyah ayerst. First off, we didn't plan this at all. I have been doing this for many years and I have never worked with the same person twice. I remember staring at the name....thinking. I know this name. Where have I seen this name? So, I search the name...looks who art came up. Mine. xD She was wonderful to work with again. Her story was just awesome as last year. So, go and read it and give her a lot of cookies.

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This is my last piece for this RR_Bigbang. YAY! ^__^ I am finished...and I got a cold. Fun. XD But I got to work with the wonderful spn_bookworm. She did a wonderful job bring my image to life. So go and give her some love.

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Art for deirdre_c's In Blood We Trust

The lovely deirdre_c picked up this piece. She was very fun to work with! We definitely know the meaning of last minute running around. I hope that you guys enjoy the art and give my author lots of love!

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Art for the Kid's Not Alright

I am back...again! XD

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Art for The Devil Went Down to Florida

I am back around for another big bang season. You guys don't really want to know how many BBs I had signed for. A lot.
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Soo....I am not sorry for how many pieces of art that I made. Neither are my authors. So...ha! And Enjoy!

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