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M14Mouse's Things of Stuff

Normal is Nice But Insanity is Better.

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I am old enough to drink, smoke, and vote but not old enough to be your mom. At least, I hope not. I live in the South. Pick a place. You might just find it or not. Not that it matters. I love to write fanfiction. That is what is my LJ is for. IT is my sounding board and post odd pieces of fanfiction every once in a while.

I want to thank DJ Rocca for a good bit of my avatars. She rocks!

Challenges Completed:



30 kisses: Chip/Vida
50_icons challenge: Theo
100_icons challenge: Power Rangers


Elements of Their Own:




Sky's NO Good Horrible Day:


No banners for them...but have won awards; XD

Not Knowing Quite Why I Am Here: Second Place for Hope for World Fanfiction Awards 2006
Cutting My Wings in A Sense: 3rd place for Hope for World Fanficiton Awards 2006

The 15 Magical Deaths of Nick: 1st Place for Fanfiction of the Month(tie)
These Bare Threads of Ours: 2nd Place for Fanficiton of the Month

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